Deleted Scene #4 — Chapter 1: Meeting Robin


By R.M. ArceJaeger


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Please do not read this scene unless you have read the book, as even early pieces may contain
later spoilers!


Author’s Note


This scene continues from Chapter 1: Will Scarlet — Will has just arrived at Locksley Manor and has been left alone in his new room. Here, he meets Robin for the first time. Like its predecessor, this scene was never finished.


Deleted Scene #4 — Chapter 1: Meeting Robin


Will hadn’t cried when his parents died within hours of each other, nor when his father’s debtors came to claim the house, nor when Mr. Halkin’s cart came to take him away to the home of an uncle he had never met. He had watched that cart sail away in a cloud of dust, the only tie to the life he’d known no more than a speck on the horizon — then that too, was gone.

But here, finally alone in a room larger than any he had ever seen, Will allowed two tears to slip down his cheeks. It did not matter — there was no one there to witness his grief.

“You’re crying,” a voice stated. Will whirled around, searching for the voice, but he saw no one.

“Who are you?” he asked, fear rising in his voice. There was a small scuffling, and a wispy girl pulled herself out from under the bed.

Robin, although three years younger than Will, was no more than an inch shorter than he was. Her gaze challenged his presence in her home.

End Deleted Scene


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