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Catherine Nodet

Catherine Nodet 250x376
Cover Artist for Robin: Lady of Legend (Children’s Edition)

Catherine Nodet was born in France and has possessed a passion for drawing for as long as she can remember. At the age of 10, she left behind the world of black-and-white for the world of paint — a medium which will forever be a part of her.

At the same time, Nodet was intrigued by the beginnings of what would become today’s digital art, and she taught herself to use the very first graphics software in order to create her first digital paintings. Although a traditional painter, she likes working with current media (e.g. Photoshop), and uses it to fulfill commissions and book covers. She has studied Applied Arts as well as other art branches, and is especially good at painting fantasy worlds and portraits that mix magic, mystery, mysticism, soft dark universe, stories, legends, the mythological and a variety of emotions.

Sample Artwork:

A Touch of Mysterious PerfumeJulie Saint AngeThe Naiad of Fincastle


DeviantArt Profile:

Website: ClairObscur


Christopher Rawlins

Cover Artist for Robin: Lady of Legend

Chris Rawlins is an artist/illustrator/web-designer who likes to create thought-provoking imagery. He draws inspiration from songs, art, and things he’s read. Though not deliberate, many of his pieces reflect society’s darker histories and the fear and suffering that goes along with it.

To contact him for commission, write:

DeviantArt Profile:


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