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Deleted Scenes

Deleted scenes will be uploaded the 2nd Sunday of every month. There will be a total of nineteen. Please do not read the scenes unless you have read the book, as even early pieces may contain later spoilers!

Author’s Note

Writing Robin: Lady of Legend was a wonderful journey, but like any journey, it sometimes strayed in directions I did not wish it to go. Sometimes a scene I thought was wonderful ended up contradicting an important element of the story. Sometimes it simply didn’t fit right, or wasn’t quite believable. Other times, it distracted from a more important scene around it. Whenever that happened, I would cut it.

The scenes I included in this mini-book fall into three categories:

  • Scenes that were permanently deleted
  • Scenes that later found their way back into my story as an extended/modified version of themselves
  • Scenes that were written merely for background, and never found their way into the book at all

Before each piece, I explain briefly what the scene was intended to do, and why it was cut.

I hope you enjoy this special glimpse into the writing of Robin: Lady of Legend!



Games in development. Check back soon!




Book Trailers | Interviews

Book Trailers





Date Held Hosted By Interviewed By Synopsis Link to Interview
May 26, 2011 Manzanita Voices Linda Field An interview about author R.M. ArceJaeger’s upcoming book Robin: Lady of Legend (since released). ArceJaeger also discusses what it’s like to be a young author.

* This interview was recorded prior to the release of ArceJaeger’s book, and the wording of some of the excerpts she reads is different than in the published version.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4



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