I love Tamora Pierce and her Tortall series. Her fantasy really transports you into her world, and her heroines are funny and strong, and are always in the middle of some great adventure. Anne McCaffrey and J.K. Rowling are favorites, too, and there are so many others…. But I think what they all have in common is that they draw me into their world so I feel like I’m really there, and they make me really care about their characters.

2 Responses to Who are some of your favorite authors, and why?

  1. Erin Phillips says:

    I fell in love with J.K Rowling after my best friend forced me to read Harry Potter. But like this book I was looking for a good read when I found Tamera Pierce and Alanna. It’s cool that you are inspired by these at the authors.

    • R.M. ArceJaeger says:

      Thank you. I can still remember the day I came across Alanna: The First Adventure on the bookstore shelf. The beautiful cover art drew me right in, and the story made me beg my mother to take me back so I could buy the sequels =)

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