Deleted Scene #6 — Chapter 3: Will Despairs


By R.M. ArceJaeger


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Please do not read this scene unless you have read the book, as even early pieces may contain
later spoilers!


Author’s Note


This scene explains why Will didn’t know Robin was going to run away. I ended up deleting it because it wasn’t really necessary to the story, and Chapter 3 began much stronger if it simply started out with Robin waking up.


Deleted Scene #6 — Chapter 3: Will Despairs


The next month sorely tested Will’s belief in Robin’s obstinacy. She was the very picture of resigned compliance, allowing Darah to fit her a wedding dress without protest, and enduring last-minute lessons in how to manage a household; she even seemed semi-enthusiastic about sorting through her mother’s collection of gold collars and silver pendants for her dowry allotment.

As the passing days cinched tighter that noose that would soon rob Robin of her freedom, Will began to despair. He tried to talk to his cousin, but these days Darah never left her side, and the few evenings that he tried to visit her in her chambers, he was told that she had already gone to bed. In fact, the only places he saw Robin now were at meals or in company, where he could hardly bring up the possibility of a rebellion. It was almost as if she were avoiding him. Did she know what he wanted to say to her, and was afraid of hearing it? But that would mean that she really had given in to her fate. If that were true, Will had no idea what he would do.

End Deleted Scene


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